GB3 director?

Who you gonna booty-call...

Might seem a little like non-news, but anything that signals forward movement on the frigginly-long-discussed GHOSTBUSTERS 3 is worth pointing out. So here we go.

The folks at Bloody Disgusting got it from a reliable source, although of the unnamed kind but we'll trust them as always, that Ivan Reitman is 100% confirmed back as a producer for the film, and is currently pacing the halls to determine whether he wants to also direct again.

No great detail is known on the movie, with Harold Ramis having stated back in June that a first draft should be delivered around this time. The story would see the original team, even Bill Murray surprisingly enough since he was often singled out as the reason the film hadn't yet happened, re-open their business with a younger team to take up the mantle. Eliza Dushku's name has apparently been flying around, and to that I say Yes, please.

As much as I love the original, Reitman's last few films haven't exactly been unanimously hailed, although I still say EVOLUTION is grossly underrated. So who here wants to see him back in the director's chair? let's hear it.

Extra Tidbit: Bill Murray's one big final condition to return was reportedly that Ernie Hudson be given a more significant part than previously. Couldn't agree more, Bill. Nice house, btw. wink-wink.



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