Gears of War Script

Be warned that there are SPOILERS afoot...

I've never played GEARS OF WAR, but the advert for it over here in the UK was awesome. I've never really had any more than a fleeting interest in any videogames that didn't involve hadokens and Chun-Li somehow floating across the screen upside down and kicking, but this particular advert had me considering buying an X-BOX to check it out. Now that I read what Latinoreview have to say about the early treatment they somehow got a hand on, I feel like had I actually impulse-bought an X-Box I might have been vindicated. Here's a small snippet of what the boys over there had to say:

"The Ravens touch down and the gears pile out into an insane hail of rocket and gunfire. This is madness. Bodies are ripped apart. Wounded soldiers scream for their mothers. A grenade annihalates an embedded media crew. Nobody knows where he or she's supposed to be.

We find CAPTAIN HOFFMAN bullying gears to take up the fight...

And that's pretty much the beginning of the movie. Head on over THERE for the rest of it!
Extra Tidbit: Check out the awesome trailer HERE.
Source: Latino Review



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