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Gekko is back

It looks like Michael Douglas is taking a cue from Bruce Willis and Sylvester Stallone by resurrecting a sagging film career by resurrecting a classic character. Douglas hasn't had a hit since DON'T SAY A WORD back in 2001, and he hopes that will change when he brings back the lecherous financial kingpin Gordon Gekko to the big screen.

The NY Times is reporting that a sequel to Oliver Stone's WALL STREET is indeed in the works, and that the character who brought Douglas a Best Actor Oscar will be the focus of the new film, with Charlie Sheen's protegé character Bud Cox absent from the new script. The movie, already called MONEY NEVER SLEEPS (after one of Gekko's many mottos) will focus on Gekko's shady wheelings and dealings in the modern hedge fund era. At the end of WALL STREET, Gekko appeared to be on his way to jail, though it was never confirmed. It turns out that he did spend a significant time in the slammer, and has had time to reflect on what he's done, and of course figure how not to get caught next time.

Oliver Stone won't return as director despite pressure from both Douglas and the film's writer Stephen Schiff (TRUE CRIME), who says that Gordon Gekko will be "restyled." Bluetooth maybe? How 'bout a Blackberry?

Extra Tidbit: The studio originally wanted Warren Beatty for Gordon Gekko, who was not interested, while Oliver Stone wanted Richard Gere, who also passed on the role



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