Gellar goes to DVD

Last week it was announced that the latest Sarah Michelle Gellar movie SUBURBAN GIRL (formerly A GIRL'S GUIDE TO HUNTING AND FISHING) was being acquired not by one of the major studios, but by indie distributor Image Entertainment. Today we have news that SUBURBAN GIRL won't be hitting the theaters at all and will instead go direct-to-DVD. Yikes, talk about a fall from grace for Gellar. She used to be at the top of her game but her choices lately have been suspect. THE RETURN? This movie? THE POSSESSION? I really like Gellar and hoped for a little more out of her career than this. Here's hoping she's got a little more left in the tank and with just the right role, she'll be back on the scene. Maybe a return to TV? Hey, it worked for Jason Lee (and Jamie Pressley for that matter)... SUBURBAN GIRL also starred Alec Baldwin, Richard Dreyfuss and Maggie Grace and was the directorial debut of writer Marc Klein (A GOOD YEAR, SERENDIPITY). Gellar has a number of projects still on the way including THE AIR I BREATHE and SOUTHLAND TALES. You can read reviews of two upcoming Gellar movies including SUBURBAN GIRL and THE AIR I BREATHE from our coverage of the Tribeca Film Festival.

Extra Tidbit: Gotta give credit to Gellar and Freddie Prinze, Jr. cause their marriage actually seems pretty solid after all these years.
Source: JoBlo.com



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