Gellar is Veronika

Sarah Michelle Gellar is in final negotiations to star in the indie drama VERONIKA DECIDES TO DIE, a project to which Kate Bosworth had previously been attached. The film centers on a severely depressed woman who rediscovers her will to live after learning that she has only days left due to the irreparable damage done to her heart as a result of her recent suicide attempt.

Wow, that's a bad beat. I think I saw as many Buffy episodes as I have fingers, so I'm not really the authority on Gellar. But I always hear that she can "really act, dude, for real". If this is true, she's gonna get her shot here, that's for damn sure. Although, I hear from the same guy that "HIM is the best band ever" and "I'm gonna tattoo a pentagram on my face" so we'll see, I guess. It's a pity that she's getting involved in such a respectable sounding project - after SOUTHLAND TALES, I was hoping her career would tailspin to the extent that she had to say yes to doing another CRUEL INTENTIONS. Those films are just soft-core porn at this point.
Extra Tidbit: Gellar went to high-school with Tara Reid.
Source: Variety



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