Gemma Arterton is a muse with a nice butt in this new trailer for Tamara Drewe

I've never heard of TAMARA DREWE, the latest film from English director Stephen Frears (THE QUEEN, HIGH FIDELITY). And truth be told, my interest in it was non-existent even while watching the trailer... until Gemma Arterton (PRINCE OF PERSIA, CLASH OF THE TITANS) appeared... and suddenly, my interest perked way, way up (boner euphemism).

The film stars Arterton, Roger Allam, Bill Camp, Dominic Cooper, Luke Evans, Tamsin Greig, Charlotte Christie, Jessica Barden, John Bett, Josie Taylor, Bronagh Gallagher, and Pipa Haywood. You'll also notice a few little comic book flourishes throughout the trailer. That's because the film is in fact based on a comic strip serial by Posy Simmonds that was later collected into a single graphic novel.

TAMARA DREWE opens October 8th and can also be seen at this year's Toronto International Film Festival. Trailer's below, or you can head on over to Yahoo! Movies to catch Arterton's fine behind in HD.

Synopsis: When Tamara Drewe sashays back to the bucolic village of her youth, life for the locals is thrown upside down. Tamara -- once an ugly duckling -- has been transformed into a devastating beauty (with help from plastic surgery). As infatuations, jealousies, love affairs and career ambitions collide among the inhabitants of the neighboring farmsteads, Tamara sets a contemporary comedy of manners into play using the oldest magic in the book: sex appeal.

Extra Tidbit: I can't look at Dominic Cooper and not think of Karl Urban. Dudes look so similar to me.
Source: Yahoo! Movies



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