Genndy Tartakovsky to helm animated Popeye film in 3D

It's been around six months since we heard anything on the animated big screen version of POPEYE in 3D. Wow, that was a mouth full.

Now that Genndy Tartakovsky has signed on to direct, this thing will finally start moving along. SMURFS writers David Ronn and Jay Scherick are still attached to pen the script.

Sorry to change the subject, but I got instantly excited when I read this line in Variety's article:

"Tartakovsky is currently attached to direct a feature version of Cartoon Network's "Samurai Jack," which he also created."

I need a SAMURAI JACK movie in life badly. I've been slightly pessimistic when it comes to this film actually getting made. But what do you do without the great Makoto Iwamatsu (voice of Aku) around? Well, now I'm sad. Moving along...

So do you guys even want to see a POPEYE movie? That was not a cartoon of my generation, so I can't say I'm excited about it. With Tartakovsky is on board, it certainly helps.

Get this stuck in your head now.
Source: Variety



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