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Gens in the Fallout


You won't be leaving the Vault and using V.A.T.S. to dispatch the irradiated menaces of the Capitol Wasteland with the guy who directed HITMAN (starring the delectable Olga Kurlyenko, of course).

But French filmmaker Xavier Gens is making something called THE FALLOUT, a post-apocalyptic action-horror flick described as "a thriller that combines elements of ASSAULT ON PRECINCT 13 with 'Lord of the Flies' in a story of survival."

Producer Ross Dinerstein says: "Xavier’s vision for this film is extraordinary. He brings a visual edge to this fascinating exploration of the human condition."

The movie starts filming early next year (with Eastern Europe standing in for futuristic Manhattan), so we should hear some casting relatively soon.

It's still conceivable we'll get a movie based on the FALLOUT game series some day... but this isn't it.

Extra Tidbit: Apparently Gens' FRONTIERE(S) wasn't intended as a French remake of the TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE movies... but it sure felt like it.
Source: Screendaily



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