George Clooney eyes Chris Pine, Philip Seymour Hoffman, and Paul Giamatti for Farragut North

About three years ago, George Clooney decided he wanted to helm a big screen version of the off-broadway play, FARRAGUT NORTH. Now the actor is actually putting the film into production.

Vulture says that Clooney with start shooting next February with Philip Seymour Hoffman, Paul Giamatti, and possibly Chris Pine.

FARRAGUT NORTH is "a political drama about campaign dirty tricks written by former Democratic political operative Beau Willimon." Willimon actually wrote the first draft of the movie adaptation and was inspired to do so after his work campaigning for Howard Dean in 2004. Vulture says that the story is, "the story is set in Des Moines, Iowa, just weeks before the state’s Democratic caucuses officially commence; it follows the exploits of a twentysomething presidential campaign spinmeister/wunderkind named Stephen Myers, and the dirty pool he plays to get his candidate the nomination against a rival senator." Originally Leonard DiCaprio was set up to play Myers, but dropped out. Clooney is now looking to Pine to play the part. Pine received tons of praise when he played the role of Myers in last year's Los Angeles production.

Hoffman is stepping in for Brad Pitt who originally wanted to play the part of Myers veteran boss, Paul Zara. Giamatti will play the campaign manager of the rival candidate. Offers have also went out to Evan Rachel Wood and Marisa Tomei. Clooney might also take on a small role in the film.

Clooney is currently looking to make a distribution. Sony might distribute the project, but will not fit the bill for it. So for right now, the production will be independent.

Extra Tidbit: Anyone else enjoy the speech that Clooney gave at the Emmys?
Source: Vulture



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