George Lucas make a special appearance on 'The Daily Show'

Last night, Jon Stewart hosted George Lucas on "The Daily Show" to promote his new book (that he didn't actually write), which has a title so long, I’m just going to link you to the Amazon page.

What resulted was a rather eye rolling interview that I’ve embedded for you below. I think the appropriate word for Lucas’s demeanor would be “smarmy” as he claims that despite all the hate for the new trilogy, there is now a new generation of kids who think the new movies are superior to the old ones and love Jar Jar Binks.

The fact is, this is true, sort of. THE PHANTOM MENACE came out when I was 12 (wow), and at the time, I thought it was the greatest movie ever made, as do most kids when they first see it as it’s a lot more exciting than the previous trilogy. HOWEVER, I grew up, as all kids do, and quickly realized that nope, it’s complete shit, and I was blinded by speedy podracing and flashy lightsaber battles as at the time of my initial viewing, I wasn’t old enough to understand what a horrible plot or terrible acting looked like. 

Watch the interview below, and prepare to be annoyed. 

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Extra Tidbit: No talk about the upcoming live-action STAR WARS TV show, other than Lucas saying TV is “goofy and fun.” Let’s just hope he’s talking about CLONE WARS.
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