George Lucas making a movie about singing fairies?

Once upon a time the Lucasfilm logo actually appeared before movies that had nothing to do with STAR WARS. I know! Besides KINGDOM OF THE CRYSTAL SKULL, the last original film to come out of Lucasfilm was 1994's RADIOLAND MURDERS. But in the mid-80s Lucas had at least six non-STAR WARS and non-INDY films released. True, some of them were dogs (HOWARD THE DUCK) but others (LABYRINTH, WILLOW) are classics. Could we be getting back to the era of Lucasfilm producing movies?

Turns out that Lucas is deep in top-secret development on an animated film to be directed by Kevin Munroe (TMNT). It should not be surprising that a company that hangs propaganda-style posters on its walls reminding workers to keep their mouths shut that details on the project are scant. All that's known about the film is that it's an animated musical that centers around fairies. David Berenbaum, who wrote ELF and THE SPIDERWICK CHRONICLES, scripted the project but it's unclear if this came from an original Lucas idea.

While I think we've been all critical of Lucas' work lately, I'd still love to see some Lucasfilm work. If this film wound up being a success could Lucasfilm be another competitor in the CGI-animation world alongside Pixar and DreamWorks?

Extra Tidbit: Somewhat ironic that Lucasfilm sold Pixar to Steve Jobs in 1986.
Source: THR



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