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George Lucas, still out making the rounds for ATTACK OF THE CLONES, is dropping hints about his upcoming projects including EPISODE 3, RETURN OF THE JEDI and INDY 4.   First off, Lucas confirmed that the reason C-3PO doesn't recognize Darth Vader is because both he and R2D2 have their memories erased in the third film.  As he says, "Well, one, his brains have, his memory system has been erased and so has R2's. So, they don't remember anything from the first trilogy. I'm telling you something from EPISODE 3, that I shouldn't be telling you that, but I think most of the fans already know that."  In other STAR WARS related news, it seems Natalie Portman has signed on to film scenes to be added on to the DVD release of RETURN OF THE JEDI.  She'll apparently film that work during the EPISODE 3 production and once work begins on the original trilogy DVD (which is a loooong way away) they will be inserted.  One can only imagine a possible reuniting of Anakin and Padme after the events in the original trilogy.

Finally, Lucas commented on all these INDIANA JONES 4 rumors and set the record straight.  Filming is NOT set to begin this June, or any time this year for that matter. "I'm working on a story right now…I've got something that both Steven Spielberg and Harrison Ford like. We're in the process of hiring a writer, and hopefully we'll be able to start shooting soon ... not next year, but probably the year after.   It'll take a while to write the script and all that sort of thing."  So not only will we not have filming in 2002, it looks like we have to wait until 2004 for INDY 4 to get underway.

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