Gerard Butler in final negotiations to play Bodhi in the remake of Point Break

You didn't forget about that POINT BREAK remake did you? No, you didn't. Well it looks like they already have one of the two main roles filled.

Gerard Butler is in serious talks to take on the role once played by the late Patrick Swayze. I know that Swayze is hard to replace especially in a role like this one, but did they go for the right guy? Butler can surf. He's a cool guy. I enjoyed his performances in 300 and ROCKNROLLA. But is he Bodhi?

As you may remember, Bodhi is "an expert extreme sports athlete who also seeks to find nirvana through the conquest of a series of athletic feats such as surfing 100-waves. He saves Johnny Utah, the undercover FBI agent, and brings him into the fold of international criminals."

No, they haven't cast Utah yet, nor were there any clues pointing to which actors were in the mix for the role.

The plot of the film remains the same except they are focusing more on "extreme sports" rather than just surfing alone. Though its been said that surfing is still important to the story.

Ericsson Core will direct the script from Kurt Wimmer this Summer.

Source: THR



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