Germans + Cruise=BFF

Like a misguided young boy who only knows how to show his affection to the girl he likes through spitballs and hair-pulling, Germany wanted to love Tom Cruise but instead criticized his Scientology and refused to let him film VALKYRIE at certain locations within the country. But now Germany has come face-to-face with their true feelings towards Cruise and are ready to admit their love for The Man Who Was Maverick. The German government will now allow VALKYRIE to film at the original site where the assassination attempt on Hitler that centers the film took place. That spot, Benderblock, is now a memorial and national German shrine and originally the request for filming the Bryan Singer film there was denied. But "there was a change of sentiment," says Thorsten Albig of the German finance ministry. In other words, he finally looked into Tom Cruise's eyes and couldn't deny their love any longer. There was also a great deal of public pressure to allow the filming as many countrymen felt it was bringing negative publicity to Germany. But now that Tom and Thorsten are sittin' in a tree k-i-s-s-i-n-g, all is well. Sleep tight tonight, kids.

Source: Variety



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