Germany disses Tom

The German government is refusing to let the Tom Cruise film VALKYRIE shoot in its country because of the actor’s strong affiliation the Church of Scientology. I would hate to draw a comparison to another German instance of intolerance because they can’t even be measured on the same scale, but we’re all thinking it, right? They think, like most skeptics, that Scientology isn’t a religion at all, that it’s just a façade for making money. But is this really a reason to prohibit the filming of a major motion picture that would end up boosting their economy? And what about little Leni Fraulein, who’s had a Tom Cruise poster in her room since she was four years old, and finally, when she’s on the brink of catching a real-life glimpse of her idol, the German government goes ahead and snatches it away. I feel bad for Cruise. The guy gets so much slack for his beliefs and all he wants to do is make movies. Tsk, tsk.
Extra Tidbit: Descendants of Claus Schenk Graf von Stauffenberg, Cruise's character, disapprove of his casting for fear that he'll use the role to spread his Scientology beliefs. Really?!?!??
Source: /Film



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