Gervais holds Globes

Brit comic Ricky Gervais hasn't really become a household name in the US, but everyone who watches award shows is about to get a chance to know him.

Gervais has been invited to host the Golden Globe Awards airing on January 17th. After the master of "squirm comedy" (he's the man behind "The Office" and "Extras") helped enliven last year's otherwise excruciating Emmy Awards, his name was batted about as a possible Oscar host before Hugh Jackman trotted through the Kodak Theater.

But he's happy to grab the Globes, known for international appeal and mix of TV and film. "I have resisted many other offers like this, but there are just some things you don't turn down," Gervais said of the opportunity. Plus it will mean that if people want to tune in to see the winners, they'll have to watch him, as opposed to simply ignoring his movies like THE INVENTION OF LYING.

Extra Tidbit: Kate Winslet once did a cameo on Gervais' "Extras", starring in a Holocaust movie for the purpose of trying to get an Oscar.
Source: Variety



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