Get a glimpse at the costume test photos for Tim Burton's Superman Lives

Before I bow out for the evening, I wanted to bring you a special article for Halloween.

Is it spooky? Is it creepy? Is it scary? You could say so. Does it involve a mold of Nic Cage's face? Certainly.

Remember the failed SUPERMAN LIVES? It was going to be directed by Tim Burton with Nic Cage as the man of steel. It was an awkward project that eventually crashed and burned.

The story was an adaptation of Death of Superman. After going through several scripts, Kevin Smith was chosen. BATMAN producer Jon Peters apparently had crazy ideas for the film including giant mechanical spiders (later seen in WILD WILD WEST). Smith reluctantly continued until Burton was brought in. Burton wanted to got rid of Smith and decided to use his own team of writers. Eventually both Cage and Burton left the project, but traces of it are everywhere.

Today special FX guy Steve Johnson posted the costume tests from SUPERMAN LIVES. It's crazy that Superman almost went this route. Enjoy these photos and Happy Halloween!

There are several more photos over at Johnson's Facebook page:

Concept art for SUPERMAN LIVES!:

Extra Tidbit: I love Kevin Smith's Superman story.



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