Get a jump on Tom Cruise as Knight and Day opens early

KNIGHT & DAY was a film that could've easily been dismissed (Tom Cruise playing yet another puckish spy?) but along the way, the trailers have impressed and the word of mouth has actually given the film a boost. Fox has taken notice and decided to get a jump on the buzz by releasing the film early.

Before you get too excited, KNIGHT & DAY will only be opening two days earlier (June 23rd instead of the 25th) but hey, early is early, right? (And it leaves you with plenty of time to see GROWN-UPS on the 25th.........)

A smart move by Fox for a number of reasons not the least of which being that this is the week that the majority of schools start their summer break. With high schoolers across the US newly free from the shackles of their algebra books, they'll be looking for something to do and heading to the movies will be at the top of the list of options. Another reason for the move? The next week will see a lot more competition for younger audiences as both ECLIPSE and THE LAST AIRBENDER hit theaters. If the film is as "wonderful" as Fox says it is, two days of extra buzz from Wednesday and Thursday screenings can only help the opening weekend and give the film some legs.

Extra Tidbit: While the film is getting great buzz based on the trailers, I don't know anyone who's actually seen it.
Source: THR



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