Get a look at Crispin Glover in these new Alice stills

The awesome Crispin Glover has decided to pop-up in a new still from the upcoming ALICE IN WONDERLAND.

Tim Burton is currently still in post-production and we are 36 days away from seeing his take on this classic tale. In the beginning, I wasn't very interested in catching this film until I saw the 3D trailer before AVATAR. I'm not one to go gaga over the 3D craze, but what I saw looked pretty damn cool. A lot of it had to do with the Cheshire Cat, voiced by Stephen Fry.

We've gotten quite a few stills from the film and I've got four more to share with you. Of course, there's Crispin Glover as the Knave of Hearts, the White Rabbit, the Dormouse, and Helena Bonham Carter's Red Queen addressing frogs in red coats. To check out some more concept art, head over here. After viewing the stills, watch a new featurette for the film called "Inside the World of Wonderland".

Extra Tidbit: Crispin Glover doesn't seem to age. To me, he looks just like he did in BACK TO THE FUTURE.
Source: Empire



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