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Get a look at the full on awesomeness in this new trailer for Tron: Legacy


Set your phasers to "this shit is f*cking awesome".

I could easily get lost in the world of TRON, especially after watching this new trailer for TRON: LEGACY. Seriously, I can see why that Tron guy gets so amped.

This new theatrical trailer gives you more of a look into the story. It's not one of those that reveals too damn much either. You also get a great look at Olivia Wilde's character in the film. I know a lot of you have been wondering why there hasn't been more of her in the stills/trailers. So, here you go, prayers have been answered.

Check the trailer out below.

Extra Tidbit: We have the same trailer posted in an article of our TRON: LEGACY coverage, but just in case it slipped by you, I devoted an entire article to it. Enjoy!
Source: Yahoo! Movies



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