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Get an early glimpse at the new John Carter trailer with six new pics


JOHN CARTER only has about three months until it hits theaters in March and it faces an uphill battle when it comes to finding an audience. Buzz on the expensive adaptation from Pixar director Andrew Stanton has been poor even among Edgar Rice Burroughs fanboys. Disney hopes to turn the tide a little bit this week with a brand new trailer.

The trailer won't debut until Thursday but a few screencaps have popped up online and given us a glimpse at what to suggest. So far it looks beautiful but, like TRON: LEGACY before it, the knock against JOHN CARTER was never that it wasn't going to look good.

What are you thinking about JOHN CARTER? Are you even thinking at all about JOHN CARTER? Take a look at these new pics below and keep your eyes peeled for the new trailer on Thursday.

Source: SFX



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