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Get close and personal with Dren in this poster for Splice


There's that genetically engineered little heartbreaker!

Get a little face to face action with Dren in the new teaser poster for SPLICE. Okay, so it seems a little cheesy, predictable, and similar to SPECIES, but I'm willing to give it a chance. I gave THE JACKET a chance because of Adrien Brody. It also took me a million times to finally get through it because I kept falling asleep at the same part.

In the poster, it looks a bit like a non-ginger version of Chucky. I guess Tiffany would be a more accurate guess, just less whored up. Even though, Dren does seem to be attracted to Earth males. I'm done guessing. What do you think of Dren?

Extra Tidbit: Okay, so what animal is it spliced with? I said hairless rat baby and someone else suggested a bunny...I see the bunny thing a little bit more now. Chupacabra?
Source: Warner Bros.



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