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NOTE: This "free offer" was a lot more popular than we expected, so it will likely end later tonight or early tomorrow, so if you're interested in this, APPLY NOW because it will disappear soon. Sorry for the inconvenience of this update.

I've been a subscriber to MOVIEMAKER magazine since I don't know how long! I guess ever since I really started trying to "get into movies" about 10-15 years ago -- which reminds me, this year will be JoBlo.com's 10 year anniversary -- and I always thought it was an excellent "mature" and straight forward movie magazine that dare not dish about celebrity gossip or plaster its pages with pictures of hotties, but rather, concentrate on what it takes to get real motion pictures made! (in particular, independent movies, that both you and I can actually make! Ask Kevin Smith, he knows!) Today, JoBlo.com along with MOVIEMAKER magazine is giving all of our site readers a FREE 6-MONTH SUBSCRIPTION to the world’s best-selling independent movie magazine right now! (although for a limited time) Just CLICK HERE, fill in your info and get ready to enjoy an excellent movie magazine for all sorts lovers of film. This is a limited-time offer, good during January only, so sign up today RIGHT HERE. Tell 'em JoBlo sentcha!

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