Get Him to the Greek trailer has Jonah Hill, Russell Brand and vomit stains

Some of the people involved in FORGETTING SARAH MARSHALL obviously had a blast, since a bunch of them reunited for another comedy. Judd Apatow and FORGETTING helmer Nick Stoller hooked up for Universal's GET HIM TO THE GREEK (described as "a very dirty take on ALMOST FAMOUS"), bringing along their previous co-stars Jonah Hill and Russell Brand. And P. Diddy, for whatever reason.

The synopsis/spin: Get ready to get down and dirty with British rock star Aldous Snow (Russell Brand)! Aldous was once a brilliant musician, but now his star power is starting to fade, and he’s in desperate need of a comeback. Aaron Green (Jonah Hill) is instructed by his record mogul boss, Sergio Roma (Sean Combs), to fly to London and escort Aldous Snow to L.A.’s world famous Greek Theatre for the opening night of his comeback tour – and of course, it’s no easy task!

Despite my low tolerance for the persona/schtick of Russell Brand (and the "acting" of P. Puffy Diddy Combs, for that matter), this looks like a good time. The poster is also down there. Metal.

Extra Tidbit: Is it just me, or does Brand resemble a skinny British Robert Z'Dar?
Source: Universal



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