Get Smart again

Anne Hathaway, GET SMART Steve Carell has signed a three-year first-look deal with Warner Bros. that will see him set up shop on the WB lot with his production company Carousel Productions, which former Daily Show colleague Vance DeGegeneres and Charlie Hartstock will run. Interestingly enough, WB is also looking to get Carell back for a GET SMART sequel but not as part of the first-look deal. WB clearly loves them some Carell and understandably so. The guy's a ridiculously talented actor whose clearly known for his comedic work but who's shown some serious dramatic chops as well. As for whether Anne Hathaway will be back as the ruthlessly sexy Agent 99 or Alan Arkin as the hilarious Chief? No word as yet but let's hope yes. Especially Hathaway. Just look at that picture to the right. We need more of that. Like ASAP. And we also need it to last longer than a few seconds. Bless the internets, though, for capturing that magical second.

Extra Tidbit: Carell was featured in both ANCHORMAN and SLEEPOVER, which opened on the same day in the US.
Source: Variety



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