Get your first look at Ryan Reynolds as Green Lantern!

UPDATE! - Now available in super hi-res! Click here to see GREEN LANTERN up close and personal!

Can't wait to get to Comic-Con next to see a glimpse of Ryan Reynolds in GREEN LANTERN? Not able to make it to Comic-Con at all? Lucky for you, you don't have to wait! The new Entertainment Weekly, on newsstands tomorrow, gives the world the first look at Reynolds in his GREEN LANTERN costume.

They, for now, have only put this small-ish version of the cover online but I expect a full scan to be up on the web soon.

What do you think? I'm honestly a little underwhelmed. I like the look of the costume but does Reynolds' face look a tad stiff to you? That's the blankest expression I think I've ever seen on a superhero. Which is not to say I'm not excited about GREEN LANTERN or not excited about seeing the footage in Hall H (which I hear is tremendous) just that I'm not in love with this first image. Maybe a higher-res version will spin me the other way...

In other Ryan Reynolds/GREEN LANTERN news, some early word broke yesterday that Reynolds had injured himself and was in all kinds of bad shape. That was apparently just tabloid spin as Reynolds later walked it off and resumed filming. He really does have superpowers!

Extra Tidbit: I'm most curious to see how the CGI suit moves with Reynolds.
Source: EW.com



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