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Get your very own Tron lightcycle


Want to be the coolest program on the block? Yearn to ram unsuspecting motorists into your jet-walls? Got an extra 35 grand burning a hole in your pocket?

Why not consider picking up a custom motorcycle modeled after the slick Light Cycles from the upcoming TRON LEGACY? Functioning, street-legal versions will soon exist (alas, without the wall-scaling ability and solid exhaust trail), and you can check out the details on the listing at ebay.

Assuming the auction is legit, these babies will come from Florida-based Parker Brothers Custom Choppers, who built replicas of the Batpod from THE DARK KNIGHT.

They're only making five of these bad motorscooters (each a different color), which feature "either a gas powered or an high output electric motor as well as a complete carbon fiber/fiberglass body and led neons throughout."

Extra Tidbit: I can think of very few things that would be as cool (and uncomfortable) to be killed on.



Latest Entertainment News Headlines


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