Get yourself a limited edition 3D poster for Resident Evil: Afterlife!

Like PIRANHA 3D, RESIDENT EVIL: AFTERLIFE is the 3D that I really dig. I get that in most movies, like TOY STORY 3 or AVATAR or whatever, you don't want the 3D to be obtrusive to the storyline. But there are times when I want 3D to do what it does. Come at me! Fly at my face! I'm paying a surcharge, give me the goods! I was pleased to see at Comic-Con that the footage of RESIDENT EVIL: AFTERLIFE does just that. One scene in particular had water spouting towards the camera and I swear I could almost feel the droplets of water. It was weird.

Speaking of 3D effects, you've probably seen this awesome 3D/lenticular poster for RESIDENT EVIL: AFTERLIFE hanging in the lobby of your local theater. You've also probably wondered how you can get your hands on one of these. Well, they're super limited edition, so you can't. At least not until now. We have one of these posters and we want to share the love with our readers. All you need to do is use that little Twitter widget at the bottom of this article to tweet this article. The 25th person to update post that link with the hashtag #residentevil will snag themselves this limited edition RESIDENT EVIL: AFTERLIFE poster. It's just that easy! The lucky recipient will be contacted on Twitter and will need to provide a valid US mailing address.

Source: JoBlo.com



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