Getting Lost for Six Years: A fan's retrospective

After last night's finale for LOST, I found myself in the same state as I was in the beginning: still asking questions.

When I hopped on the internet, I noticed that there was a great divide among people who either loved the ending or hated it. Some say it didn't give them the answers they wanted and others say that it was the most perfect ending to a perfect show. As I sit here, I'm still trying to process my satisfaction level. I guess I should start at the beginning...

Back in 2004, I kept seeing commercials for this show about these strangers that crash on this island. I remember there were advertisements for Oceanic Airlines offering to "take you to places you've never imagined". It definitely delivered all that and more. When the show finally aired in September, the first pilot mesmerized me in a way that no show ever really has. I watched as Jack scrambled to save the rest of the passengers on Oceanic Flight 815. The plane was filled with passengers that would make a huge impression on us from the very beginning: Jack, Kate, Sawyer, Locke, Claire, Charlie, Sayid, Hugo, Jin, Sun, Boone, Shannon, Michael, and Walt. It was so easy to get swept up in the drama from week to week.

As the season went on, we were introduced to new characters. The passengers also learned that they weren't alone on the island. The show was constantly entertaining. If for some reason a certain episode wasn't as action packed, there were always hints or clues hidden within it to find. After a show was over, my mind was riddled with theories. I'd grab at any straws I could. "What was that painting on the wall?" "Didn't you notice their names? Austen, Sawyer, Locke, Shephard, Hume?" "Did you see the numbers on the television during the Dharma tape?" "WTF? Time Travel?" "Is this the Bermuda triangle?" This same pattern continued season after season and it never got tired.

Yesterday before the finale, I watched the retrospective. It took me back to moments that I remember better than moments in my own life (How sad). I remember when Charlie took Claire the imaginary jar of peanut butter. Then there was the time Kate stitched up Jack. Or when they decided to start playing golf on the island to take their mind off their constant trials and tribulations. All these little moments lead up to a finale that fans had waited on for a long time.

What can I tell you about the end without spoiling it? I can tell you that no one's ever going to be happy. There was never a universal outcome that would make 13 million viewers completely and totally satisfied. The writers, Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof took a risk. Isn't that what the characters did? These characters that we had grow with over six seasons. We took these risks with them and gave a chance to a show that no matter how you feel now, captivated you until the very end. Well, maybe that's just my theory...

Thank you LOST.

Give us your feedback on the show. Discuss your favorite moments, episodes, and even thoughts about the finale.

Extra Tidbit: What the hell am I going to watch now?
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