Ghost in the 3D Shell?

Ghost 1995 film poster

I'm admittedly not an authority when it comes to anime, but even I was able 14 years ago to recognize the first GHOST IN THE SHELL as a kick-ass sci-fi gem that blew the doors wide open. And just like my other introduction to that style, AKIRA, it seems that the threat of a live action remake has been looming for ever.

That threat might very well materialize soon according to Variety, as Dreamworks have contracted NIGHT WATCH scribe Laeta Kalogridis to adapt the source manga into a live-action film. In obligatory 3D. I'm fresh out of original ways to express how that 3D wave annoys me, so I'll let y'all implement your own.

It'll be the studio's second attempt to bring the project forth since buying the rights last year; writing duties had then been entrusted to Jamie Moss who's sole previous credits is the Keannu Reeves misfire STREET KINGS. Avi Arad and his brother Ari (must've been confusing in that household when they were kids...) are producing.

There is indeed material for a really cool sci-fi film in there, but the original was perfect as it was and stands the test of time pretty well so far. So I'm putting myself on the F*ck-No side of that argument for now, until someones manages to change my mind. What say the rest of us?

Extra Tidbit: Can't say I've ever read the manga though. What do fans of those think?
Source: Variety



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