Ghost Rider 2 gets a new devil and a leading lady

If you're not all that fired up about the idea of a sequel to GHOST RIDER, I'm not sure if this casting news will fuel any more excitement.

GHOST RIDER: SPIRIT OF VENGEANCE will find Nic Cage's hotheaded motorcyclist facing off with a new devil, Ciaran Hinds (ROAD TO PERDITION, MUNICH, HBO's "Rome").

The story finds Cage's ex-stuntman Johnny Blaze in self-imposed exile trying to suppress his demonic side, only to be recruited by a secret holy society on a mission to prevent the dark lord from taking over the body of a young mortal man.

The movie will also feature Italian actress Violante Placido (THE AMERICAN) as the boy's mother. You can find her credentials below.

The 3D movie comes from CRANK guys Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor. The duo did a rewrite of the script, still based on a story by David Goyer.

The European-set Sony project is gearing up soon, partially out of necessity to avoid the character rights reverting back to Marvel, where they're probably better off.

Extra Tidbit: With Neveldine/Taylor behind the camera, could this actually turn out crazy enough to be entertaining?
Source: Heat Vision



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