Ghostbusters 3: CG?

Remember when Tom Arnold would continually talk about how TRUE LIES 2 was just a few months away from filming? I’m starting to get that vibe from Dan Aykroyd, and it makes me a little sad, mostly because I don’t want to lump Elwood Blues into the same category as the star of THE STUPIDS.

Anyway, Doctor Detroit himself is making the interview rounds once again, chatting up his own script for GHOSTBUSTERS 3, which it seems like he’s been pimping ever since the Statue of Liberty got charged with positive slime. The idea behind Aykroyd’s story is that Hell exists simultaneously in our world but just one dimension-step away (a concept already explored in CONSTANTINE), and the team of spirit-crushers takes some fresh recruits to stop it from spilling into our reality. Oh, and it’ll all apparently be... computer-generated.

Supposedly Aykroyd has convinced Bill Murray and the rest to provide voices for their digitally rendered counterparts in this intended CGI film, but since there's been no official announcement of studio participation or animation house, this one remains in the mind of Ray Stantz for the moment.
Extra Tidbit: GHOSTBUSTERS previously got digitized in videogames for the Commodore 64, Nintendo and Sega Master System. Winston Zeddemore does not appear in any of them.
Source: Dark Horizons



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