Ghostbusters III script to be reworked after the passing of Harold Ramis

After the passing of Harold Ramis yesterday, you had to know that there were going to be questions about GHOSTBUSTERS 3. I saw a few people asking what the status of the project would be, and honestly, at that point it didn’t matter. We were mourning a fantastic actor, director, writer, and all around great guy. We still are.

For those who are curious about GB3, there have been some rumblings about the project. Apparently insiders are saying that the script will have to be revamped. A source close to THR said that there would be "some repercussions." A studio source downplayed the information stating that Ramis’ involvement in the third film was minimal, and when it came to the screenplay he was someone to bounce ideas off of.

Regardless, Lee Eisenberg and Gene Stupnitsky (THE OFFICE) will rework the script. Originally, the busting of ghosts would be done by new players like Jonah Hill and the once rumored Emma Stone.

Director Ivan Reitman is set to meet with the studio to discuss how to go forward with the project.

Source: THR



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