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Ghostface gets his own character poster for Scream 4


I'll admit I'm probably more interested in SCREAM 4 than I should be. In fact I probably should've be very interested at all. The last two films in the franchise weren't very good and Wes Craven, sadly, hasn't made a very good horror film since...well, the original SCREAM.

SCREAM 4 though has hit mostly all the right notes in the film's trailers calling back to the original film. If Craven and writer Kevin Williamson can pull it off, it'll be nice to see a teen slasher film that actually works.

Today we get a look at the film's latest teaser poster featuring the Ghostface killah himself (no, not the one from Wu Tang). Click the teaser below to head to Cinematical and see the poster in full.

Extra Tidbit: Am I the only one who's shocked they haven't come up with a stupid subtitle for SCREAM 4 yet?
Source: Cinematical



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