Ghostface hasn't changed in his first on set appearence in Scream 4

"Oh my God, I just saw Courtney Cox eating lunch!"

These are the kind of phone calls I get from my mom recently, as SCREAM 4 currently films in my hometown of Plymouth, Michigan. They've taken over the downtown and are apparently filming big chunks of it there, and if I have time, I might try to sneak on set to meet Hayden Panettiere. 

But it's not all famous hot chicks, rather the star of the show is Ghostface himself who is set to make a triumphant return murdering people, despite being killed a few times in previous films. But hey, it's just a costume right? 

We previously saw this picture, which implied Ghostface might be getting an autumn-themed makeover, but this new tweeted shot from director Wes Craven says the classic look is returning. 

Still have zero idea whether or not this will be worthwhile, even with Craven on board. 

Extra Tidbit: What's a fourth film tacked onto an established trillogy that's been any good? Anyone?
Source: Twitter



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