GI Joe 2 soon?

Before GI JOE was even released, many of us around the web were already talking about a sequel. While GI JOE 2 may have seemed an obvious decision, these days sequels are hardly a sure thing (see SUPERMAN RETURNS). But Paramount is happy enough with GI JOE that they're ready to move forward on PART 2. Rob Moore, the studio's vice chairman, told the LA Times that the JOE sequel will "soon go into development" and that all the lead actors are "contractually obligated to return." He did add that director Stephen Sommers has the option to decline a sequel though.

While the old cast returning is obviously good news (especially for those of us who gets a tingly sensation when we see Rachel Nichols in tight leather), we're obviously all looking forward to what new things we'll see in GI JOE 2. Will Cobra Commander adopt a more familiar uniform? Will Baroness and Scarlett finally get it on? What's this about pork chop sandwiches?? And the question on most of our minds, what new characters will join the Joes?

Source: LA Times



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