GI Joe talk

I'm not ready to give up on GI JOE yet. Although that's not to say that producer Lorenzo di Bonventura didn't try his absolute best to change my mind on that. IESB recently got together with the man for a little talk about the flick, which you can catch HERE. Some highlights include his answer to 'how is the movie going?': "Stephen has done a great job and we have a great script and we've got a couple endorsements coming up here soon that will make everybody feel pretty good about life". (Yeah, thank god for those endorsements) And also, the explanation of Marlon Wayans' casting as Ripcord (a no-brainer). Go check it out yourself, anyway. Because every now and then is something pretty interesting. Is this movie gonna be terrible? God knows, but to be honest, I have more hope for it than I do a bunch of other big projects coming up. Let's call a smoking hot spade a smoking hot spade, Sienna Miller is involved and she is way easy on the eyes. So is Rachel Nichols (P2). And Snake Eyes is one of the absolute coolest characters in all of pop-culture. Yeah, I'll get excited for this one.
Extra Tidbit: Sienna Miller is Chelsea fan. Oh well, nobody's perfect.
Source: IESB



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