Giamatti in Daylight

In a season of reboots/remakes, I'd love for this article to be about Paul Giamatti getting in shape to play the Stallone role in DAYLIGHT. Unfortunately, that's not the case, since I'm talking about a Philip Dick biopic (of sorts) called THE OWL IN DAYLIGHT. The film will be based loosely on a story of the same name that Dick never actually finished, except he will be inserted into the film somehow, ala ADAPTATION and Charlie Kaufman. Giamatti told MTV that "The idea is to take one of his last stories and put him as a character in the story... A lot of his stories were about reality getting bent around, so we’re trying to do that.” Much of what is actually known of DAYLIGHT comes from a discussion Dick had with a journalist and revolves around Ed Firmley, a composer of scores for B-movie grade sci-fi films and a race of alien humanoids that had evolved without the development of sound as a basis of communication. It sounds like the sequel to SOUTHLAND TALES. Giamatti also took the time to talk about Dick himself too, saying “Well he was mentally ill in a lot of ways and he had lots of problems; he was married many times, was paranoid about a lot of things... Strange guy. He had a very interesting, complicated life.”
Extra Tidbit: The inspiration behind the story came from an article that Dick read about Beethoven.
Source: MTV



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