Giamatti is Ironclad

     Paul in SHOOT EM UP

It's always a kick to see the great Paul Giamatti at work, even moreso on the rare occasions where he plays a villain; he was easily the best thing in SHOOT 'EM UP. Well, the third best thing, after Monica Bellucci...

Giamatti has signed on to play tyrant King John for medival actionner IRONCLAD, in which he tries to take Rochester castle defended by James Purefoy and a group of Knights Templar. Sadly, Monica Bellucci won't be there. But Bob Hoskins and Pete Postlewaite possibly will be. No that they compare to Monica, but they're both solid guys in any movie.

Nothing against director Jonathan English, after all our own Jimmy O called his previous film MINOTAUR a blast in a bad-but-good kinda way, but if his plan of filming this thing in October jeopardizes BUBBA NOSFERATU, I'm throwing the mother of all friggin fits!

Extra Tidbit: Giamatti's father Bart was Major League Baseball commissioner when Pete Rose was banned from the sport.
Source: Variety



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