Giamatti is new Penn?

Apparently, after Sean Penn dropped out of THE THREE STOOGES movie (as Larry Fine opposite Benicio Del Toro and Jim Carrey), Paul Giamatti might be the actor to take his place. When asked about it, director Bobby Farrelly mused that Giamatti would be a "sensational Larry".

Sean Penn is one of my favorite actors so it's tough to say that anyone will be able to successfully fill his shoes. That said, Paul Giamatti has a kind, wise face and that makes me feel more comfortable. Does that make any sense? No, not at all. But then again neither does love. Or the fact that this story even exists. E! is saying Giamatti could "quite possibly" play Larry in THE THREE STOOGES movie and then in the same article say that they spoke to the Farrellys, who said they have an offer to someone else? And that Giamatti's rep said there had been no talks at all. Outstanding.
Extra Tidbit: The Farrelly Brothers often cast athletes in their films.
Source: E!



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