Giant f*ckin' Robots!

Now that a few of the big "three-quels" are out of the way, I don't think I'm overstepping my bounds when I say that Michael Bay's TRANSFORMERS is the next big flick that we're all looking forward to around these parts (well, okay...after DIE HARD 4, despite its PG-13 rating). So how would you like to be one of those major fanboys/assholes who's wearing the infamous GIANT F*CKING ROBOTS ARE COMING! T-shirt that Bay himself wore on the set while filming the movie (see pic to the right). For only $30 and some change (by the by, JoBlo.com has nothing to do with this, so it's ultimately your call, but it's on the official Michael Bay site and profits apparently go to charity), you can order your own swab of fabric with that cool-ass tagline attached today! (why am I so excited about this?)

They're also having a contest for a super-cool TRANSFORMERS press kit (how come Paramount didn't send JoBlo.com such an ultra-cool press kit, man....wow!!), which you can also enter to win. For now though, I'm gonna go download me some hot pics of Megan Fox from the film and...oh yeah, buy myself one of them cool Tees as well. Click below to order...

Extra Tidbit: One of the reasons I started writing movie reviews on the Web was "Armageddon". Yeah, no joke. Buy my book to know why! (I think it's in there, at least)
Source: MichaelBay.com



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