Gibson flashes Beaver

OK that was the last punny headline for THE BEAVER I'll write, I promise. Now that that's out of the way, we have our first look at pics from the set of the aforementioned upcoming Mel Gibson film about the beaver handpuppet. I was lucky enough to read the script a few months back and it really is all it has been buzzed about (though not nearly as funny as you'd expect from a movie about a man who lives with a beaver puppet on his hand).

Jodie Foster is currently directing the film in upstate New York and she also stars with Gibson, Anton Yelchin and Jennifer Lawrence. Strangely enough the look of the titular beaver is pretty much how I expected him to look. Though I'm more curious to hear the Beaver, which is described as having "a crisp English accent" but obviously in Gibson's voice (as he clearly is working the puppet). You can check out more pics from the set at this site here.

Extra Tidbit: I thought Steve Carell would've been great in the role but Gibson really is a perfect choice.



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