Gilliam talks Quixote

Peek-a-Boo Terry

"If I get a major motion picture star life becomes easier" Terry Gilliam told the Folks of Collider during a video sit-down yesterday. The quirky director was being asked about his next project, which he intends to be a second go a THE MAN WHO KILLED DON QUIXOTE.

Gilliam's ill-fated efforts to make that film with Johnny Depp a few years ago were well documented in LOST IN LA MANCHA, where it is revealed the project ended up in the bank's possession and Gilliam had to close shop following several disasters.

With PARNASSUS now almost in theaters, he's determined to revisit QUIXOTE and already has an actor signed on to replace Depp who declined to come back (bastard!). Won't say who it is though; he probably doesn't want to jinx it in any way, quite understandable.

However when asked if the nameless actor will make getting the money easier, the man simply expressed "uh...no." So...not a major motion picture star. But It's Gilliam and his pet project, so who cares about the actor's status - just  bring it on!

Head on OVER HERE to watch the interview.

Extra Tidbit: Major decision to make on Christmas day: SHERLOCK HOLMES or PARNASSUS... I'm leaning for the latter.
Source: Collider



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