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Girl fight! Watch two babes brawl in this clip from Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol


Who doesn't love a good girl fight? Sure, we all do, and while we'll get our fair share of Ethan Hunt action in MISSION IMPOSSIBLE: GHOST PROTOCOL, director Brad Bird made sure to slip in a nasty little girl fight.

Now this is not slapping and hair-pulling like "Dynasty" or something. Nor is it a girl that you don't believe could actually be kicking ass like COLOMBIANA. This is two women, who happen to be beautiful, kicking the shit out of each other. I gotta admit, it was nice to see Paula Patton straight punching the other girl in the face. Girls can be tough too so let's not pretend they have to do girly shit in a fight. They can kick some ass with the best of em.

Check out the clip below and while we're talking GHOST PROTOCOL, this movie looks pretty awesome so far, right?

Source: JoBlo.com



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