Go back to Back to the Future... but only in a videogame

Unless there's some chronal chicanery involved, we're never going to see more BACK TO THE FUTURE movies. But that doesn't mean we've seen the last of Doc Brown and Marty McFly.

Telltale Games (known for their "Sam & Max" games) is bringing the beloved characters and their decade-jumping exploits to your local console, and USA Today premiered some artwork showing how the game's exaggerated versions of Doc and Marty might look.

The games will unfold in five "episodes", and the original trilogy's screenwriter Bob Gale is working on the story with the game developers. Steven Spielberg is among the producers, and Christopher Lloyd is back to provide Doc's voice as only he (well, and Dan Castellaneta) can.

The episodes will feature the familiar DeLorean, Hill Valley circa 1985, and additional characters from the movie series. Versions of the games are expected on all major game platforms.

Extra Tidbit: I love that Marty basically travels through time to change the stuff he hates about his family but stays exactly the same himself.
Source: USA Today



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