Go behind the scenes of Civil War to see some goofy characters on team Cap

In a week from Tuesday, we'll have one of the better movies of the summer on Blu-ray/DVD to enjoy at our own leisure. We already know that the film has the goods, but if you're wondering how the special features fare . . . I'm going to guess, "a lil goofy." You can see as much in this behind-the-scenes snippet which shows us that Team Cap is not above being goofy as hell!

I love to see BTS features when it comes to these huge blockbusters. There's so much money that we see on-screen, that it's easy to forget that at some point it's just a bunch of people being goofy in front of (and behind) a camera. I've said it before, but the cast looks like they have a great time making these Marvel flicks. I wouldn't be surprised to see Chris Evans around for many Marvel movies to come!

CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR hits Blu-ray/DVD on September 13th.

Source: Marvel Studios



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