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Goggins vs. Predator?


Is "The Shield" complicated cop Walton Goggins going from the urban jungle of Los Angeles to the alien jungle of the Predator homeworld?

Coming Soon claims the actor is among the cast of PREDATORS, the Robert Rodriguez-produced sequel about the extraterrestrial trophy-collectors, who bring a small group of humans to their planet to hunt them down in the latest variation of "The Most Dangerous Game."

No word on what character Goggins (also in the STRAW DOGS remake) would play, although based on the descriptions revealed by Latino Review's script rundown, it's plausible he could either be a big Russian with a rotary cannon, a knife-wielding ex-convict, or the FBI's devious "most wanted".

Production is underway with director Nimrod Antal (VACANCY, upcoming ARMORED), so we should expect to hear definite casting soon. Rodriguez is still hoping to reel Arnold Schwarzenegger in for a cameo, as Moviehole reported months ago.

Extra Tidbit: Goggins won an Oscar in 2003 for the short film THE ACCOUNTANT.
Source: Coming Soon



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