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Golden Schmoe winners!


Meh. Not the most exciting GOLDEN SCHMOES we've ever had, but like my daddy used to say, they can't all be winners! Not surprisingly, THE DARK KNIGHT broke all records by scoring the MOST WINS of any movie in the history of our little JoBlo.com Movie Awards (previous record holder was LOTR: RETURN OF THE KING back in 2003 with 10 wins) with 12 triumphs including "Favorite Movie", "Best Director", "Best Screenplay", "Best Codpiece" and many more! (alright, the codpiece thing was a joke)

In fact, if you check out the full list of WINNERS HERE, you'll note that 8 of the last 9 categories were won by TDK. Wow. Thank God for Mila Kunis!!! :) I'm not sure if I would have picked TDK for all those categories myself, but that's what these awards are all about (the fans' picks), so there you go! I definitely would have picked Heath Ledger and the Joker as "Best Supporting Actor" and "Coolest Character" respectively though, which was the case. In fact, Heath Ledger won his awards for "Best Supporting Actor" by the widest percentage ever on the Golden Schmoes. He had 85% of the total votes in his category. Good stuff.

The things I watch for the most in the GOLDEN SCHMOES every year are the runners-up and the smaller categories, and this year was no different. WALL-E was the runner-up for "Favorite Movie of the Year" but won for "Best Animated Movie of the Year", TWILIGHT was chosen as the "Most Overrated Movie of the Year", IN BRUGES won for the "Most Underrated Movie of the Year" and finished just behind TDK for "Best Screenplay".

"Best Comedy" went to TROPIC THUNDER, "Best Horror" went to CLOVERFIELD, "Best Sci-Fi" went to IRON MAN and "Biggest Disappointment" went to INDIANA JONES AND THE LONGEST TITLE THAT THEY COULD COME UP WITH (with THE HAPPENING as runner-up, of course). Not too many surprises this year, although it was nice to see the final battle scene from RAMBO finish as the runner-up for "Best Action Sequence of the Year" (yeah, behind TDK).

Thanks to everyone who participated again this year and who keep making our little awards ceremony more and more popular every year. And if you haven't done so already, be sure to enter our OSCAR PREDICTION CONTEST right HERE! And stay tuned for our Oscar coverage, this coming Sunday, February 22nd. See ya'll next year!


The Dark Knight: 12 wins
(Favorite Movie, Best Director, Best Screenplay, Best Supporting Actor, Coolest Character, Best Music, Favorite Poster, Best Trailer, Best DVD, Best Action Sequence, Most Memorable Scene and Best Line...phew!)

The Wrestler: 3 wins
(Best Actor, Best Supporting Actress and Breakthrough Performance)

Iron Man: 3 wins
(Best Sci-Fi and Biggest Surprise)


Source: Golden Schmoes



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