Goldmember OK'd?

Just when you'd started to hear rumors that a new title for the third AUSTIN POWERS movie had been decided upon (NEVER SAY MEMBER AGAIN?), comes a report in today's Variety claiming that the original GOLDMEMBER title is expected to be approved for use by MGM.  The film's original title, AUSTIN POWERS IN GOLDMEMBER, was protested by MGM/UA who claimed it infringed on the James Bond copyright.  To keep the film on track for its July 26th release date, New Line Cinema decided to forgo a lengthy court battle (which they likely would have won under a law protecting parodies) and simply change the name.  

But behind the scenes, they've been in talks with MGM heads on a possible deal that would let them keep the moniker and avoid having to rewrite the script and refilm certain scenes.  It looks as if New Line will be granted permission to use the GOLDMEMBER title if they attach copies of the trailer for DIE ANOTHER DAY (BOND 20) to the film and agree to attach other MGM trailers to copies of LORD OF THE RINGS.  All this would be done at the cost of New Line who would have to directly attach the trailers to the prints of the film instead of mailing them on a separate reel to be spliced at the theaters.  This would assure all patrons watching AUSTIN POWERS or LOTR are seeing the MGM trailers.

So now that we've avoided reaching Defcon 1, what were some of the candidates for the new title?  LIVE AND LET SHAG, YOU ONLY SHAG SHRICE, LICENSE TO SHAG and the aforementioned NEVER SAY MEMBER AGAIN.  Grooooann.  New Line should thank their lucky stars MGM chilled out and let them use GOLDMEMBER.  The best part about all this is that the people who paid $50-plus for out-of-print copies of the GOLDMEMBER poster on eBay are now stuck with a poster that's worth essentially nothing.   To quote Nelson Muntz, "Ha Ha!"

Source: Variety
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