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Gondry's music water

Yet another Michel Gondry movie, yet another one of my ideas stolen from me before I grew the balls to do something with it. You donít think I already thought about two dudes recreating Hollywood movies after one of them demagnetizes an entire video store? My version was called DONíT BE A COWARD, FAST FORWARD, but people laughed at me, so I sat on it. Now BE KIND REWIND is screening at Sundance soon and Iím rotting in an anonymous suburb, smelling myself.

Gondry is now telling MTV that heís working on a script called THE RETURN OF THE ICE KINGS, about children who invent a type of water that makes you hear music when you drink it, and Iím crumpling up my treatment for the THE LISTENING WATER and tossing it in the waste bin.

Gondry says the film will ďbe a scientific story, but completely unrealistic.Ē So was mine Michel, so was mine. A quote that really interested me was this one: ďAt one point, they see the end of time in the movie, so, weíll have to shoot it somewhere that looks like the end of time.Ē If I was piecing together an ultra human from different parts of other humans, theyíd have Michel Gondryís imagination. If thereís anyone who can film somewhere that looks like the end of time, itís him. After REWIND heís directed a segment in the triptych TOKYO! about the Japanese city. Canít say I thought of that one.

Extra Tidbit: Gondry was an Artist in Residence at MIT in '05 and '06.
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